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Word Terms That may be Helpful

Akashic Records:
The conceptof a vast psychic record of all thoughts and emotions, some human ,
some not, wich is sometimes accessible to adanced souls.

A symbolic magical object imbued with energy, ment to protect it's wearer from harm ----usually a necklace, ring, or pendant.

A non-human entity, a winged celestial being, usually benevolent and kind and
possessed of powers and knowledge beyond human comprehension.

An occurrence for wich there is seemingly no normal explanation.

The projection or manifestation of a paranormal being.

Astral Plane:
A dimensional plane at a higher vibration than the earthly plane, where entities
both good and bad can be encountered duringastral travel in the astral body.

An energy field that surrounds the physical body and is a reflection of the astral body, which can be influenced by thought and emotion.

A ceremonial, magical ritual to cast out negative energy and influences. It can refer
either to a spiritual cleansing of a person or property.

A ritual in which negative energy and entities are banished through prayers, which are spoken aloud and may be adapted to the user's needs.

Synonym for cleansing

A person sometimes clergy, sometimes not, who studies and banishes demons.

Digital Audio:
Small recorders of good sound quality which can transfer their files to the computer.

Digital Video:
A video camera whose files can be transferred to a computer.

A means of locating different substances and energies by the means of two rods, which cross when the energy field that is being searched for is encountered.

An ethereal substance, which supposedly was exuded by the bodies of mediums and could form into objects and entities.

Ectoplasmic Mist:
A substance which forms out of thin air and looks like a thick fog.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF):
Electrical charges, found in varying degrees in anything which uses electricity or generates a magnetic field.

A nature spirit that can be good or evil.

A classification for a disembodied being, which may be a ghost, a spirit, an elemental, or a demon.

Electronic Voice Phenomena. An utterance not heard as it is being spoken but is audible later when the recording is played back.

A ritual performed to drive a devil or demon from the body or the house it is occupying.

A spirit who may or may not have been a living human being or animal, which can sometimes appear to be semi-transparent.

The repeated appearance of ghosts, spirits, or poltergeists.

A magical spell, cast to have influence over a person's life, useually used as a curse.

A state of altered consciousness, self-induced or through an external agent. Franz Anton Mesmerism first popularized this practice which he called Mesmerism.

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC):
Two-Way, real-time communication with spiritual beings. The entities provide advanced technical information through radio, television,VCR'S, telephones, and computers.

Intelligent Hauntings:
An entity that is aware of the presence of humans and may be interactive.

A rare phenomenon inwhich objects or persons are lifted or sometimes hurled through the air. Encountered occasionaally in cases of poltergist activity.

K-2 Meter:
An EMF meter that measures magnetic and electrical fields and may be recalibrated for paranormal investigative use.

The brief physical appearance of an entity, seen as it is happening.

Natural tendancy for the human mind to try to interpret sensory data into recognizable patterns.

A person with the ability to communicate with the dead.

The school of philosophical thought which seeks to understand the meaning of existence and the human soul.

A small version of the camcorder that records and plays MiniDV tapes.

The art of practice of communicating with the dead to obtain knowledge, either of the future, or other hidden events.

The famous "noisy ghost." A rare form of haunting wherein random objects are moved and sounds and speech are produced by unseen entities, which seem to crave attention and recognition. Frequently a child or adolescent is at the center of the phenomena.

A paranormal phenomenon in which objects are moved, solely by the powers of the psychic's mind. See Telkinesis.

The belief that a soul will move on to another body after death to work out its karmic debt.

Residual Haunting:
A psychic recording of an event that is traumatic or violent. It is repeated over and over, and the entity involved does not interact with onlookers.

See Smudge sticks.

The attempt by a group to contact the spirit world. A medium is usually the channel through which the energies manifest.

A magical charm that forms an energy barrier and protective shield. It can be visualized or drawn.

Smudge Sticks:
A Native American tool made of sage used for purification, healing, and cleansing ceremonies. The smoke is thought to clear negative energies.

A ghost. An entity which once existed on the earthly plane but has passed on.

Uncanny coincidences that seem to convenient to be truly coincidental.

The psychic phenomenon where objects are moved solely by the mind.

A rip in the fabric of space-time that opens into the spirit world and lets entities from the other side in.

A magical construct that guards a person or a place.

The semi-transparent image of a person that appears shortly before or after their death, also sometimes used when talking about a ghost.

All of these definitions  come from the book
101 Ways to Find a Ghost
I strongly suggest reading, it is a Very Good Book
It's by Melissa Martin Ellis