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About Us

About S.S.P.I.
Our number one goal is to get you answers to your questions and we respect your wishes for privacy and will never disclose a name or location without your permission first
S.S.P.I. started in the spring of 2015 with Rick and his co-founder Rose and quickly grew  as we met up with team members Justin and Karrie later that year in the fall. Rick had what  most called a second sense for noticing  what others call "Odd Behavior", as he has had his own experiences when he was a child, so as an adult he has become more interested in "Whats really out there".

Each team member has their own story, and their own reasons for being on the team. Yet, one thing that is clear to our faith, and our faith in each other. As in our team we keep an eye on each other, and if one person is uncomfortable we all leave.

Now, ghost hunter's try to record ghostly communication's with digital audio recorder's. We are learning to understand the theory of how this supposedly happens. However, the idea is that you can hear the spirit's communicate on the recordings but not with your own ears all the time. These are called Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) which is what we use the digital voice recorder's for. One thing that makes our EVP'S stronger and more heard is a EM pump which in theory is supposed to give a spirit energy to communicate. Some of our other equipment we use is as follows, shadow and motion detection equipment,EMF meter's which detect Electro Magnetic Field, an interactive bear that interacts with children spirit's, a spirit box that scans radio frequency a.m or f.m. / night vision video camera's, proximity and (GEO) vibration sensor's, electro static detection sensor's, and other state of the art equipment.

Our approach to spirits may not be that of a typical paranormal investigator. We place a high priority on obtaining good data to adequately test the competing hypotheses. Despite if we find anything paranormal or not, it's alot of fun exploring creepy old buildings at night. When we listen back to our recording's, we hear us laughing and having a good time. As an added bonus, spirit hunting gives us a small, but enticing chance of making a discovery that shatter's our world view. We plan on gathering all the different pieces of data and bringing them together , and then deliver to you.

There will be a consent form to sign to show your not responcible for anything that happens to us, that we shall be respectful around your belongings or for anyone who wants to keep all findings confidential.

We are here for you